Monday, February 28, 2011

Zachary's first dentist appointment

Zachary went to the dentist for the first time today! I took him when Aidan had an appointment earlier this month, so he was familiar with the routine. He did an amazing job! Some of these pictures are not fabulous, but you get the idea. They let him put on a pair of "magic gloves" and he could pick blue or pink...he picked pink!

Getting xrays...he was such a big boy about it!

Watching Toy Story 3 with his panda headphones...memorized!

All done and ready for his bouncy ball!

Monday, February 21, 2011

New pants!

I have a desire to be a seamstress and sometimes I get caught up it that dream. I will think I can do something and then in reality my Mom lives too far away to understand the problem at hand. Then, I give up. sister led me to this fabulous website that is actually doing projects from boys all month long! Perfect, right?! (the site is There is a easy step-by-step tutorial on there to make boy pants. I read through the directions four times before realizing that I can do it! I went and bought the fabric ($2.50/yard) and went for it. Luckily, I bought a whole yard instead of the half that it called for because I messed up the first pair by making a beginners mistake! Knowing what I did wrong yesterday (when the pants were, less say, SNUG on Zachary) I began again today. It took me two hours and I had made a pair of pants! I am proud of myself! If you can't find me later this week, I may be at the fabric store looking for some more fabric.

Monday, February 14, 2011


We all donned our aprons to make our special Valentine's heart shaped pizzas.

Working very hard.

Align Center
The finished product!

Looking through Aidan's bag of Valentine's from his school party.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Playing in the powder

This is what I woke up to Wednesday morning. This ended up being 22 inches of powdery snow! It was beautiful, fun, and there was no ice involved!

The sun came out on Thursday but it was still bitterly cold. The temp was -17 in the morning!

Running in the street!

Where is Domino?!

Prepped for the outdoors!

Good looking boy!

The snow angels they made nearly covered them!

We went to a friend's house when we finally made it out of the house. The dads built a maze for the kids. This is Zachary sitting in the maze paths.

Sliding into an abrupt stop!

The beginnings of a snow fort.

Doing snow angels in the middle of the snow fort floor.

The snow fort team

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feet of snow

This was our third winter storm in two weeks. This one was predicted to be 4-7 inches at 10 pm last night. I woke up to many more than that this morning. The last check I heard (hours ago) was 22 inches in Springdale! They said this was three years of "average" snowfalls combined in four hours! It was been beautiful to look at but I have to get to work tomorrow. Work is scheduled to pick me up at 6 am tomorrow morning. Here's to hoping I get home before 10 pm tomorrow night! This first picture is the drift at the backdoor.

Our birdbath.

Can you see the snow of the roof?!

Domino having a ball even though it was up to her shoulders!

Aidan told me it was very "tricky" to walk in the snow! Zachary last only a few minutes outside. Its no wonder, the snow was nearly as tall as him!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jake's obstacle course

While I was out with friends for lunch today, Jake made an indoor obstacle course for the boys. He has really gotten creative after being indoors for a week. I think the boys had a ball!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowday number 4 this week

We are on our killionth (as Aidan calls it) snowflake this week. Unfortunately, it has been too cold to go outside with below zero windchills. Today was a balmy 23 degrees! We made our first trek out of the house in four days to Walmart and Sam's Club! We also played a little in the snow from earlier in the week with the additional inches that were falling today.
The cozy coupe is tough to push through the snow. Maybe some snow chains are needed?!

Shoveling for the ladies that live across the street. Make my heart melt!

This snowball was aimed straight for me!

Kicking the soccer ball all the way down the street. Soccer is in this kid's heart.

Seeing little parts of skin showing makes me cold!

Maybe we need more snow appropriate toys?!