Friday, July 22, 2011

Swimming lessons

The boys had swimming lessons for one hour each day for two weeks. It was nice for them to have swim lessons during the heat wave of the century! They did pretty good. This was Zachary's first time and he did OK. There were some days of not participating, not sure how much he learned, but other days of doing well. It is part of being three, I suppose. Aidan was moved up on the first day from Level one to Level two. It seemed like he should have been in between the two levels somewhere! He has more work to do, but came a long way this summer!

On the last day they open up the whole pool for play time. It is the only time kids that cannot really safely swim get to do the big slides and the diving boards because the lifeguards catch them. The kids were really looking forward to it this year. Zachary started with the safe dolphin slide.

Aidan on his way up!

Zachary with his super patient teacher, Crystal.

Crystal, Zachary's teacher, taking Zachary and another three year old down the big slide. It took some convincing, but they both did it!

If you remember from last year, Aidan was determined for months to go off of the high diving board on the last day of swimming lessons. So, when this year rolled around, I asked him if he was going to go off of the diving board (thinking the smaller one) and of course, he replied that he did the high diving board last year so he had to do it again this year. That kid just climbed right up and jumped off like it is no big deal!

Aidan and his teacher, Corrie.

The much anticipated popsicle on the last day of swim lessons.

Goggly goggles!

With the crazy heat wave we have been having, the only thing to do outside is to set up the kiddy pool and get in with the boys. On this day, I got out their goggles and they looked for treasures (or pieces of grass and bugs) on the bottom of the pool. They have no idea how funny they looked! They do not care that their eyes are squished and slanted!

July 4th fireworks!

The Harbor Church of NWA had a July 4th party at the Riner's house. It started with kiddy pool and lots and lots of good food. We had such a good time.

The fireworks had everyone's attention. Zachary did not like the fireworks show the night before so I was worried about this night. He did great and really liked them on this night!

This is my favorite picture from the night. The boys had such excitement and joy! It was the cutest thing to listen to!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crooked Lake, last day

This paddle boat ride ended up being a little tricky...we decided the boat was not intended for four people, no matter how small some are.

The cousins playing a game of football in the lake, of course.

The boys with the neighbor, Samuel, they played with all week.

I love this picture, too!

We had an amazing family vacation! Thank you, Van Lears for the opportunity!

Day 5 of Crooked Lake pictures!

This seems like one of the only times the boys had dry clothes on!

A little morning fishing

More tubing action. This time they wanted Mom to come with them.

I love this picture of Aidan watching Aunt Cheryl Sue as they jumped in together!

Zachary's run and jump. He yells "1-2-3 jump" every time!

Crooked Lake, Day 4; we are still here!

On Day 4 we went to Pokagon State Park. It was a beautiful park with lots to do. We just went for the morning so we did the Nature Center, hiking, and a sandy beach.

Beautiful swans on the lake.

Jake dropping his ski in front of the cottage.

This boy loved the water!

I had not water skied in several years, but got up right away! I guess it is like riding a bike. I did have some pretty decent crashes while trying to drop a ski. Needless to say, I have some work with that!

Jake tubing with the boys. My boys took what we called the T.O.P (tube of putting) and the bigger kids took the T.O.D. (tube of death).

The Van Lear cousins

My all-time favorite picture from the week.

Crooked Lake continued, Day 3

Relaxing with my 6 am crowd...waiting for everyone else to get up!

Morning boat rides are the best!

Isn't this place gorgeous?!

The lily pads flowered by the end of the week.

We tie dyed t-shirts for the family pictures. It was great Van Lear style fun!

The boys showing their muscles on the swim dock.

Jake leading the kids (big and little) in a music/dancing/singing session!

We had musical instruments for everyone!