Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas travels

After we opened gifts at home, we drove to Springfield and had Christmas with my family. It was a lot of Christmas in one day, but we had so much fun.
Sweet Christmas toes.
Zachary sporting his new Lego headlamp!
My festive parents!
The next day we drove to Grove and had more Christmas fun!
Watching The Princess Bride with A. J.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Day

A little late, but whatever! The boys were pretty excited about Santa coming through for them. Aidan asked for a Superhero house and Zachary asked for a net and a candycane. Easy!

We don't usually get Domino anything, but this year we felt a little crazy. She was pretty excited about the frisbee!
Gloves! Easy to please, that kid is!

Christmas Eve

 We have a tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve.  The gift is always new PJs.  This is our Christmas PJ picture!
 We read a lot of Christmas book during the month of December.  One of our favorites is Santa Mouse.  The boys have to leave cheese out for Santa Mouse.  The cookies were from a recipe from Aunt Jo.  Santa thought they were delicious!

There is a little known tradition that you leave your gingerbread house out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  If Santa likes it enough, he takes it back to the North Pole with him.  The tricky thing is that he only takes the best of the best.  Aidan was lucky because Santa took his gingerbread house back to the North Pole with him!