Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tooth fairy

Well, the tooth came out tonight, New Years Eve. Aidan was a little frightened at first, but we hyped it up and he was ok. Now, he is a proud 4 year old! I never thought I would have to explain the tooth fairy yet, but now the tooth fairy is looking around the house for some cash!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Zachary jammin'

Zachary's video of dancing to the 80's Hummer! Awesome!

Aidan's reaction to what Santa brought

All Aidan wanted for Christmas this year was Team Geo Trax. He was very focused on this mission. Well, Santa delivered. We knew it would be a hit and we did not want to miss it. We covered it up with bed sheets until I could catch it on camera. It was priceless. I will never forget the joy of Christmas this year with these two boys!

Springfield Christmas

Our prom pose!
Needed a bike helmet to be a good example (you know, Safety First in the Van Lear house!)

Our family Christmas

Santa has arrived!
Aidan (in his Buzz Lightyear Christmas pjs) seeing his Team Geo Trax that Santa brought him. This is literally all he asked for from Santa. At least he was consistent with it!

We woke up to a white Christmas in NW Arkansas!

Zachary (in his "Dad's sidekick" pjs) with his new Hummer that, I kid you not, sings and dances to MC to follow soon!

I made the boys blankets this year. I was very proud (because of my determination to learn to sew) and super duper glad that they liked them!

Waiting on Christmas...

Baking Santa's cookies

We spent the afternoon on Christmas Eve making chocolate chip cookies for Santa. We were sure that is what he likes! That night we went to a neat family oriented Christmas Eve service at Fellowship. The kids loved it!
Look at that irresistible face!

Cheese! He loves wearing an apron like everyone else!

Love. those. boys!

Zachary has been putting random things in Domino's stocking all season. Today, it was a wooden spoon!
Blowing kisses to me!

First time getting to use the mixer! The cookies turned out great! Santa liked them, too!

Neosho Christmas

We went to Neosho, Missouri to celebrate Christmas and Keith's 40th birthday with the
Van Lears. We had such a good time! Even Aidan, who was not feeling well, was able to play and laugh with the other kids!

Aidan got a Cars sleeping bag, flashlight, and compass. He was THRILLED about the compass! Funny kid!

The candles ALMOST burned the house down...40 is a lot of candles!

Zachary was copying another kid that was doing the splits. This was as far as he got but you would have thought he was doing flips-he was so proud of himself!

They have a full length mirror in the hall that is pure entertainment for the kids!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas card photos

Aidan would not take his blue goggles off for these photos! These won't work...
We needed to fix this cranky bear before getting nice pleasant family photos...

Goofy kids!

Pretty cute Van Lears!

Ahh, we will use that one!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

Aidan's version includes the four calling birds, three friendship, two pearl ducks, and a funny jingle bell thing!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Suckered them in

We raked up leaves this morning. Zachary helped by playing in the leaves...
Aidan thought it was necessary to get the leaves from other people's yards and put them in our piles to rake up. Helpful yes, but really?....

The nasty humongous spider that had a web strung across from the lightpole to the street sign. The pictures does not do this spider justice. You will have to trust me on this-it was huge and ugly!

This is the best part: Jake got the neighbor kids to help us and they willingly did for an apple in payment! Suckers....

Look at Jake just watching Dylan hard at work! Just kidding, everyone helped!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A big kid now and spaghetti boy

This kid can eat some spaghetti!

Aidan on his big kid bike that Mr. Jim gave him last summer. He is just now tall enough to really get going on it. He wants to "practice" on his fast bike every afternoon!

The best part is when a car comes (yes we let him ride in the non-busy street in front of our house) we quickly abandons his bike and makes a mad dash for the sidewalk! Safety first!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soccer party

We had our end of the season soccer party at Fun City and had a blast! This cake was cool-it is made out of cupcakes and has LOTS of icing!
Aidan hanging out with icing on his face and admiring his trophy!

Zachary being his sweet self.

Aren't they the cutest kids?!

...and the silliest?!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My pumpkins!

We went to a pumpkin patch today. It was a perfect fall day and we had a great time! Aidan really wanted to wear his Halloween costume but I think he looks pretty cute without it! I assured him he will get to wear it in a couple of weeks.
Love those boys!

That is Zachary's "cheese" smile again!

BIG pumpkin!

Trying so hard to pick it up!

Aidan was pretty excited about all of the "silly people!"

Just chillin' with a "punkin!"

"that, that!"

Jake spent a few minutes making sure we were getting the best pick! What a super daddy!

Look at our big helpers!