Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving at home

This Thanksgiving we had our little family of four. I wanted it to still be special. We colored some cute Thanksgiving pages. This one is Aidan's and he was so proud of how well he stayed in the lines!

I thought it was pretty cute. The paper even had chickens and brussel sprouts listed!

I bought some super cheap (I am talking 80% off at Hobby Lobby-which put them at about $1) Thanksgiving sand art projects. Zachary and I did a turkey and a scarecrow and Jake and Aidan did pilgrim people. It ended up being rather difficult and we are convinced that the example cards it came with were digitally created and not actually made with glue and sand!

I need to tell you that mine is the one on the left! Not sure about those creatures on the right!

We bought Thanksgiving dinner from AQ Chicken and enjoyed every bit of it (including not cleaning up)! Aidan ate every bit on his plate and Zachary ate 4 pieces of ham. I didn't want to cook them a whole huge meal if I did not know if they would eat it at all. Well, Aidan did and Zachary did not! Now I know! Happy Thanksgiving! Now I think we are off to decorate for Christmas!

The real pictures

Didn't my amazing sister do a fantastic job?!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family Picture Outtakes

My talented sister, Robin, took some family pictures for us this week. We drove all over Springfield and snapped away! The pictures turned out fabulous and we are super excited about them. These pictures are some of the outtakes. I thought they were funny!

We were trying to peek out from our column on the count of three. Zachary would come running out every time. He never did get that one down.

Aidan started telling Robin a long detailed story about his classmates at school.

Zachary gave me a big kiss!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cohick Half Marathon

A little Bass Pro animal hunt before the race day!

We got to the race early so we wouldn't miss a thing!

Our matching tattoos to support Jake's race!

About the finish the 13.1 miles-no problem!

I am so proud of Jake and what he accomplished. Doesn't he look so happy?!

We found out the night before the race that our precious friends from Lincoln, Nebraska would be at the race! We were trying so hard to find them among the 2000 participants and many more fans. We found them and were able to catch up a little bit. I actually know Amy from high school and Jake and Marty were roommates in Lincoln before we got married. We miss those guys! We have four kids now between us!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

For Halloween night we went to the Bunch's house for treat or treating. We have actually never been trick or treating (we have always been to some sort of Halloween event). There was a certain level of excitement about this Halloween because of the trick or treating. Zachary walked around the house all weekend saying, "twick or tweet!"

Aidan was pumped to dress up as Luigi!

Align Center
Our pirate!

On our way!

Aidan and Ethan! They had the perfect costumes for the two boys that they are!

Our Halloween parade down the street.

They can't get enough of each other! This is like a dream for these two!