Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning at our house.

Christmas dinner at my parent's house in Springfield.

Anticipating present time!

My pretty Mom.

My handsome Dad.

Aidan opening the much anticipated Trio Batcave. Santa asked Uncle Randy to help him deliver this gift. Aidan still says it was the best part of Christmas!

Getting ready for Santa

We read a lot of Christmas stories leading up to the big day!

Christmas Eve with new pjs on.

Poor Domino!

I love this photo!

We got an elf on the shelf this year!

Making cookies for Santa. They really did not turn out that well, but the boys did not notice one bit!

Salem Lutheran Christmas program

This is Aidan's sweet four year old preschool class at their Christmas program. They did a great job!

He was so proud!

Afterwards, they had a birthday party for Jesus!

Grandpa Mike and Grandma Shirley came to see the show!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Van Lear Christmas card 2010

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jingle Jacket Run

We ran the Jacket Jingle Run tonight! It was chilly chilly. Jake pushed Zachary in the 5K and Aidan and I ran the one mile fun run. Aidan has been practicing with us and was so pumped to do his first race. He did great!

It was seriously about 34 degrees and windy....COLD!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving at home

This Thanksgiving we had our little family of four. I wanted it to still be special. We colored some cute Thanksgiving pages. This one is Aidan's and he was so proud of how well he stayed in the lines!

I thought it was pretty cute. The paper even had chickens and brussel sprouts listed!

I bought some super cheap (I am talking 80% off at Hobby Lobby-which put them at about $1) Thanksgiving sand art projects. Zachary and I did a turkey and a scarecrow and Jake and Aidan did pilgrim people. It ended up being rather difficult and we are convinced that the example cards it came with were digitally created and not actually made with glue and sand!

I need to tell you that mine is the one on the left! Not sure about those creatures on the right!

We bought Thanksgiving dinner from AQ Chicken and enjoyed every bit of it (including not cleaning up)! Aidan ate every bit on his plate and Zachary ate 4 pieces of ham. I didn't want to cook them a whole huge meal if I did not know if they would eat it at all. Well, Aidan did and Zachary did not! Now I know! Happy Thanksgiving! Now I think we are off to decorate for Christmas!

The real pictures

Didn't my amazing sister do a fantastic job?!