Saturday, November 21, 2009

Suckered them in

We raked up leaves this morning. Zachary helped by playing in the leaves...
Aidan thought it was necessary to get the leaves from other people's yards and put them in our piles to rake up. Helpful yes, but really?....

The nasty humongous spider that had a web strung across from the lightpole to the street sign. The pictures does not do this spider justice. You will have to trust me on this-it was huge and ugly!

This is the best part: Jake got the neighbor kids to help us and they willingly did for an apple in payment! Suckers....

Look at Jake just watching Dylan hard at work! Just kidding, everyone helped!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A big kid now and spaghetti boy

This kid can eat some spaghetti!

Aidan on his big kid bike that Mr. Jim gave him last summer. He is just now tall enough to really get going on it. He wants to "practice" on his fast bike every afternoon!

The best part is when a car comes (yes we let him ride in the non-busy street in front of our house) we quickly abandons his bike and makes a mad dash for the sidewalk! Safety first!