Thursday, September 24, 2009


I love my family!

More birthday pictures

What a happy four year old!

Not a bit disappointed about the rained out park party!

Zachary was a little spoiled with attention on party day, too!

I LOVE LOVE this picture. This is a picture of delight. But more importantly, Lightning McQueen is being saved from being lost in the ball pit. The boy has his priorities!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aidan's 4th birthday party

We were planning on having Aidan's birthday party at a local park but when the torential downpour began we moved it to Fun City. We had checked out Fun City as a rain option the day before and Aidan was thrilled with the idea. In fact, when the rain started Aidan said, "yeah, we get to go to Fun City!" Of course, we had a Cars Lightning McQueen party. There was really no other option if you know Aidan at all!
My Mom made the fantastic Cars cake!

Cars heaven!

Two of Aidan's uncles and his Grandpa sang "Happy Birthday" to Aidan after sucking helium balloons.

Just a picture to let you know that Zachary was there! He had a blast with the millions of balls that were flying out of the ball pit!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Zachary cannot seem to understand that he is not a big boy yet. He could care less that his feet did not touch the pedals he wanted to ride this bike (that is too big for Aidan)!
Our new toy for family bike rides. Now, if Aidan would just learn to pedal!

Soccer season continues...

Run for a Child 2009

Robin drove to NWA to run this race with us. She did awesome in her first 5K (in a long time!)
Jake and I started training earlier this summer for the 10K. We had never done something like this together and I had not been in shape in a long time!

Jake coming in with style!

Very sweaty finishers! We both finished 7th in our age divisions. Jake was giving some public smack-talk the day before about which Van Lear would be the fastest. Well, I only finished one minute after him so he better train harder next time to assure his victory!

Sweaty family picture!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I shopped for Halloween costumes at a children's consignment sale this year. Aidan is going to be a green monster. We are working on him with his mean looks...he doesn't really know what to do! Zachary cried and cried when he saw Aidan. We had to convince him that it was his brother in there! It could make for an interesting Halloween!