Thursday, July 8, 2010

No fear or determination?!

On the last day of swim lessons they turn on all the fun stuff and let the kids play. Here, Aidan is going down the blue slide all by himself. These are things the kids would not get to do on a regular day at the pool because they can't really swim well. You can imagine the excitement despite the times of pouring down rain!

Ever since last year when he was too scared to jump off the diving board, Aidan has been telling us that he is going to jump this year. His plan is to be able to jump off the two-story dock at Grandma and Grandpa's house like his cousins do. He said he is going to jump off the diving board on the last day of swim lessons and then jump off the dock next. This is terrifying for me! Well, they walk over to the diving boards and he goes straight up the high dive ladder. The head lifeguard covers her face and says, "what level is he?!" Aidan's teacher is in the water and said, "he is one of my Level 1/2 kids! I will watch him!" He proceeds to jump in, head like a bullet deep into the water, and pop right out! Aidan, said "did you see that?! Are we going to Grove this afternoon to jump off the dock?!" Ummm, no we are not!

This is the regular sized diving board.

Aidan and his teacher, Taylor. His class ended up being very small, usually just 2-3 kids. He had such a great time and really did well. He can swim anywhere with his kickboard, swim small distances in a doggie paddle type move, float, kick, etc.

American celebration

We had a fabulous time at the Bunch's house for the 4th of July. Zachary watched most of the fireworks from a lap until a BIG one, when we had to take the crying boy inside.

Proud to be an American! Aidan found this flag on our street earlier in the day so we pretended to be in a parade. He was the flag holder and I was the candy passer-outer. At 10:30 pm Aidan was barely awake but still holding his flag upright!

Overall, Aidan was still a little scared, but stayed outside and watched the whole time!