Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tanyard Creek

Tanyard Creek July 2011
My pasty kids!
That is a waterfall! 7/2011
Now, for present day...after a year and a half of not blogging, I got the itch today! I will not even begin to update you on the last year, but will just go forward from today. The boys are growing all of the time. The next school year starts tomorrow so this past weekend we spent together as a family. We went hiking at Tanyard Creek. The weather was perfect. When we went last year, it was smokin' hot so this was a nice change! The boys are a perfect age for this type of thing.
"Surfing" on the rocks.
They climbed to the top and then showed me their muscles!
Zachary's favorite part of the hike is the suspended bridge.
The waterfall was a bit of a disappointment because of the drought we are in right now. It was a teeny tiny trickle. The boys were surprisingly good with that!
Jake helped Zachary get "in" the water!

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Robin said...

I haven't checked the blogging world in a while, and look what I find right when I come back! Love to see bundles of pictures of your boys!! Give them hugs this first week of school and I'll talk to you soon :)
Love, Aunt Robin